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Staffing 2017-18      Staff and Classes

Mrs H Bland

Deputy Headteacher
Mrs S Grant

Assistant Headteacher
Mrs J Ramshaw

Foundation Unit 

Mrs J Ramshaw          (Nursery Teacher, Team Leader and Assistant Headteacher)
Mrs C Thompson        (Reception Teacher)
Miss M McConnell      (Reception Teacher)
Mrs J Riches               (Lead Teaching Assistant)
Mrs A Bell                   (Learning Mentor)
Miss J Trewick            (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs M Hoolison           (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs M Carr                  (Teaching Assistant)

Lower School 

Mrs K Clarkson           (Team Leader and Interventions teacher)
Mrs J Lynch                (Reading Recovery Teacher, Y1 Teacher)
Miss S McDonald        (Y1 teacher)
Mrs R Little                  (Y1 teacher)
Miss M Dodds             (Y2 Teacher)
Mrs C Storey               (Y2 Teacher)
Miss C Cotcher           (Y2 Teacher)
Mrs N Watson             (Y2 Teacher)
Mrs J Price                 (Learning Mentor)
Mrs A Collins              (Teaching Assistant)
Miss A Huntly             (Teaching Assistant)
Miss J Taylor              (Teaching Assistant)

Upper School    
Mrs A Atkinson             (Y5/6 Team Leader)
Miss Stidwell                 (Y6 Teacher)
Mr I Perkins                  (Y6 Teacher)
Mrs K Clarkson             (Y6 Teacher mornings)
Mrs S Ingleby               (Y5 Teacher)
Mr A Swan                   (Y5 Teacher)
Mrs H Stamp                (Y3/4 Team Leader and Y4 Teacher)                             
Mr S Adams                 (Y4 Teacher)
Mrs C Storey                (KS2 Numbers Count Teacher)
Miss J Milonas             (Y3 Teacher)
Miss R Wylie                (Y3 Teacher)
Mrs C Oswald              (Teacher/Teaching Assistant)
Mrs Downey                (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs L Bell                    (Learning Mentor)
Mrs L Campbell           (Teaching Assistant) 
Mrs M Hoolison           (Teaching Assistant)
Mr E Rush                   (Music Teacher)


Mrs S Crumpton

Assistant Clerk      

Mrs J McVay

Mrs C Towler

Lunchtime Assistants

Mrs B Appleby            (Senior Supervisor)
Mrs L Fairweather       (Senior Supervisor)
Mrs K Williamson          
Mrs S Graham
Mrs I Thompson
Mrs N Smith
Mrs M Chirnside
Miss G Lisle
Mrs J Burnip
Special Needs Teacher  
Mrs C Storey


Mr A Leslie


Mrs S Oliver

Chair of Governors

Mrs H Cooper and Mrs E Smith