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Languages taught at Collingwood

At Collingwood Primary School we offer many enriching opportunities to learn a new language:


French   taught throughout the school


Spanish club for KS2

Flag of Germany

German club for KS2


We are very lucky to have made links with a school in France Έcole ‘Elémentaire d’ Έtaules.  Over the next year, we hope to share our experiences with this school via email and skype as well as learn about those of it’s French pupils.  Recently, we celebrated the European Day of Languages with an assembly.  Our children loved listening to and joining in with “The Three Little Pigs” story in French and had fun learning numbers to 10 in Spanish and German.  Please see our photos below.


French Vocabulary from the story

Pig 1 - Cochun un

Pig 2 - Cochun deux

Pig 3 - Cochun trois



Spanish – numbers to 10                                                 German –numbers to 10

1- Uno                  6 - Seis 

2- Dos                   7- Seite

3- Tres                   8- Ocho

4- Quatro            9- Nueve

5- Cinco                              10- Diez


Some links for you: