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The Balkwell Project

posted 5 Dec 2016, 06:45 by EMMA SHERIDAN
Today we watched the first showing of The Balkwell Project Film in school! Last year, our Y5 children worked
with talented photographers and film makers to create a film about our community. It was wonderful to 
listen to the memories that our local community has and it made us feel very proud of our area.
Our children really enjoyed meeting local residents and asking them about what life was like for them growing up
in the Balkwell estate. They told amazing stories about World War II and how the community came together when
it was bombed and many houses were destroyed. Ex-pupils shared their memories of what it was like to come to our school 
in the 1950s! We would like to thank all the people involved in the project and we hope that our pupils become the 
next proud generation to live, learn and work in the Balkwell area.