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Our school takes good behaviour very seriously. Our recent Ofsted report (2013) commended the school for its approach to behaviour,
which it described as 'outstanding'.


We have a wide range of rewards, including team points, golden coins, commendations in achievers assemblies, and extra playtimes. Children are encouraged to want to behave sensibly because it will enable them to learn better, and generally this is what happens. Our Self-Manager scheme encourages this approach, and children are proud to wear their badge to demonstrate that they behave well. Those who do (and the vast majority do) are offered the chance to do exciting activities on Friday afternoons. The staff always look to celebrate the achievements of all children whether it  be academic or behavioural.


Sanctions are applied for pupils whose behaviour falls short of what we would expect. Sanctions might include referral to our learning mentors, losing playtimes, report books, losing self-manager time on a Friday afternoon, or in more extreme cases internal exclusion or referral to another nearby school for one or more days. We have not excluded a child externally on a temporary or permanent basis for many years, but this sanction also exists.


We are very keen to ensure that pupils understand what they can do to deal with bullying behaviour. This includes racial, homophobic or cyber bullying. When bullying occurs we take this very seriously (as we do all incidents of unkind behaviour). Parents are involved, and pupils are given support by school staff, especially learning mentors. Both those involved in bullying and the victims of bullying are given help. Behaviour support plans are put in place for individuals who have misbehaved in this way, which provide a contract agreed with parents to help the child modify his or her behaviour.