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To find and foster at least one skill or attribute of which the child can be proud.

To provide a secure, happy, stimulating and caring environment with a programme of activities in which the children can achieve their potential. 

To develop the intellectual and physical abilities of children to the fullest extent. 

To foster the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of each child, and to encourage good behaviour, good manners, and consideration for others.

To create and promote good relationships between home, school, and the wider community through which the child's best interest may be served.

To encourage children to think for themselves, to develop self discipline, and to become an independent learner who will continue to learn throughout life.

 (Children's version)

 At Collingwood we want to help you:

  •       do the very best you can in all your school work
  •      find something you can be good at
  •      become a caring and polite person
  •      be interested in the world around you
  •      think for yourself
  •      be independent
  •      enjoy learning, and want to learn new things when you leave school