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Collingwood Children's News

Welcome to the Children's News Section! We hope you enjoy reading about all about our fabulous days in school!
Thank you

Summer Term 2017
We have a new team of web designers in our club this term so watch out for more news!
Written by: Darcey, Morgan, Craig, Jack, Lewis, James, Jasmine, Tio, Jack, Summer, Abbie, Summer, Iris-Mae and Brooke

Y3 went on a trip to the Centre of Life and found out more about our Egyptian topic. We went ice skating too and experienced the 4-D motion ride. It was brilliant!
Miss Wylie's Y3 class are now going swimming on a Thursday afternoon to Tynemouth Swimming Pool and we are learning different swimming strokes such front crawl, floating, push and glide and back crawl.

Some of our Y4 children are looking forward to going to Powburn on 22nd May. We can't wait to have a bonfire and going on lots of outdoor adventures.
Y4 children made volcanoes using Mod Roc, newspaper, cardboard and glue. This is part of our new summer topic, All About Italy. Once they are dry, we will paint them. Y4 went to Tesco on Norham Road because we are learning about how to stay healthy. We tasted lots of different foods: tomatoes, kiwi, oranges, seed bread, tiger bread and sardines. We were given a shopping list and had to go and find the items on the list. After that, we had a competition to create the best fruit face! Phil, the manager, was the judge and out of 4SA, Ruby, Ellie, Connor, Drew and Neo won! In 4HS, Paige, Paul, Freddie, Chloe and Robert won the competition!

Sadly, Dr Crinson will be retiring this summer. We wish him good luck and we hope he enjoys his travels around France!

We celebrated RE week by having a Show and Tell assembly on Friday 16th June and lots of our parents attended. We had learnt about how different religions pray and found out about Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Buddhism.

Y3 are going to Tesco's on a Farm to Fork trip on Wednesday 28th June where they will find out how food travels from the farmer's fields to our supermarkets.

On Friday 16th June 2017, Y4 performed a class assembly to the school and parents. They did a play about Gangster Granny, written by David Walliams. Everyone really enjoyed it!

We all have been looking after the baby chicks and ducks that hatched recently. The chicks have now gone back to the farm and will have a happy life out in the fields. One of the chicks left a 'little present' in Miss Rutherford's classroom!

On Tuesday 20th June 2017, musicians from lots of schools came to Collingwood and performed different songs to our school including Harry Potter, Dr Who and Under the Coconut Tree. It was a great performance!

This week, we are celebrating STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. We have had special visitors in to work with us. In Y3 and Y4, we have been looking at rockets and space, Y5 and Y6 have done a workshop with a forensic scientist and had to solve a crime. We will finish the week with a STEM fayre on Friday 23rd June 2017.

We have been busy creating artwork for a special art gallery that will be in the school hall next week. Y3's theme has been the local area and they have used water colour to create their artwork. In Y4, the theme is dragon eyes and they have used coloured pencils to draw with. In Y5, the theme is nature and they have used watercolour and silk paints. Y6 have used pointillism to create pictures to show different landmarks.

Last Friday, some children from Key Stage 2 went to a reading festival and took part in workshops about code cracking, met Dan Smith (author) and building bridges.

Spring Term 2017 
We have a new team of web designers in our club this term so watch out for our news!
Written by: John, Layton, Amelia, Darcey, Peri, Gustas, Romano Kieran, and Jack

What's Been Happening?
Year 3 had an exciting Stone Age Day on Tuesday 14th March! They made bronze age coins out of clay, and once they had dried out, they painted them. In the afternoon they went to the hall and sang a song about the Stone Age to their parents . They also made Stonehenge chocolate cakes which were delicious!

World Book Day
This was the first time we have celebrated World Book Day. Miss Wylie launched 2 competitions; Readathon and Extreme Reading to help raise money for children who are in hospital for a long time. For the Readathon, we have to read as many books as we can and ask friends and family to sponsor us. Miss Wylie has the sponsor forms if you want one. Miss Wylie showed some funny photographs for the Extreme Reading competition. For this, you have to read a book in a very strange place and ask adult to take a photograph of you (and it has to be real!). We saw photographs of Miss Rutherford and Miss Stidwell reading a book on the roof; Mr Leslie was sitting on the toilet reading a book; Miss Rutherford was baking and Mrs Oswald was playing basketball. Can you do better?

M&M Theatre Productions visited our school!
On 1st February 2017, we watched Beauty and the Beast performed by M&M Productions. Gustas' favourite character was the Beast because he liked the costume and thought he was a scary yet funny character. Darcey and Jack's favourite character was Gaston because he was hilarious and thought he was going out with Belle (which he wasn't!). Peri's favourite character was Belle because she was very good at dancing. Amelia liked the dog, Scamp, because he was naughty! Everyone's best moment was when Mr Adams and Miss Cotcher had to go to the front and have a dance-off! We think Mr Adams was the best!. There was lots of music and everyone loved the Peppa Pig moment!

Thank you M&M for a great performance from all of us at Collingwood Primary School.

Autumn Term 2016
Written by: Maddison-Boe Pinder, Hope O'Keefe, Connor Reed, Stephanie Wilby, Harmony Boyd, Lacey Fowler and Kieran Weatherstone 

What's Been Happening!

On Wednesday 16th November, KS2 had a school disco in the hall. It was great fun! There was a dancing competition and we could buy snacks. We would give the disco a star rating of 10 out of 10! We also raised some money for our school and our School Council will discuss what we can buy with the funds.

In Year 5 English lessons, we have been making our own Witches Formula! We are busy reading the Witches book (by Roald Dahl) and watching clips of the film. In the book, the Grand High Witch makes the Formula 86 Delayed Action Mouse Maker which turns children into mice. To make our formulas, we used baking powder, washing up liquid, milk and food colouring.  Miss Stidwell's formula looked like a heart beating because the bubbles made the liquid fizz!

M&M Productions Performance of The Wizard of Oz
We watched a brilliant performance of The Wizard of Oz and in the story, we found out that the Wizard gave courage to the Lion (in the form of a medal), a heart for the Tin Man and brains for the Scarecrow (in the form of a university degree). The scariest moment was when the Wicked Witch and the monkeys locked Dorothy up in a dungeon! Our favourite characters were Dorothy and Toto because they were kind and funny. Kieran loved the scene when the Lion did a funny dance (a dab!). Harmony loved the part when the Scarecrow fell over. When Dorothy wished to go home, there was a great flashback and the scenery moved to show the different flashes of her life. The actors were really good at performing, especially during the scenes when Dorothy releases the Scarecrow from his stake in the field and when she pours oil on the Tin Man.
We would give this a star rating of 10 out 10! Thank you M&M!

We celebrated Big Me day where we got to dress up as what we want to be when we are older. 
I would like to be either a cheer leader or a teacher - Maddison (5IP)
I would like to be either an author or a vet - Kieran (5AS)
I would like to be either a teacher or a gymnast- Hope (5AS)
I would like to work in a mobile phone centre or be a teacher - Lacey (5IP)
I would like to be a singer and a dancer - Harmony (6RS)
I would like to be a cheer leader or a teacher - Stephanie (5IP)
I would like to be a motor bike racer or a comedian- Connor (5IP)

We asked Miss Sheridan and she said "If I wasn't a teacher, I would have liked to have been a gardener or play the piano in a band!"
We asked Mr Adams and he said "If I wasn't a teacher, I would have liked to have been a footballer for Liverpool or a fireman!"
We asked Miss Wylie and she said "If I wasn't a teacher, I would have liked to have been a professional singer in the West End Theatres!"
We asked Miss Rutherford and she said "If I wasn't a teacher, I would liked to have been a baker, a professional female footballer or a vet!"
We asked Miss Stidwell and she said "If I wasn't a teacher, I would have wanted to have been a zoo keeper, a vet or work at Pets at Home!"
We asked Mrs Stamp and she said "If I wasn't a teacher, I would have wanted to have been an interior designer!"
We asked Mr Perkins and he said "If I wasn't a teacher, I would have liked to have been a marine biologist!"
We asked Mrs Bell and she said "If I wasn't a teacher, I would have liked to have been a detective and solve crimes using forensics!"

Emma Herron, who is a Youth Trust Worker at St Peter's Church and Christ North East, has been coming into our school to help us write a newspaper. We have called it the Collingwood Chronicle and in it, we are writing jokes, interviews and news about our school. So far, we have 2 editions!