Collingwood Primary School

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Family feedback: *All staff go out of their way to make sure my child is safe and happy. Excellent care. *I feel the school goes above and beyond to support my child. Thank you. *This school is very caring to the children, and always has a lovely atmosphere. Thank you! *Both of my children are very happy at this school and I am very happy with their progress. The school has good/effective communication with parents. *My child’s older siblings went to this school when they were younger and also loved it. The teachers are fantastic. *Always been a lovely school. All of family members, including myself, went here. *Have always been happy with Collingwood staff and their teaching with all of my children. *Brilliant school – I even returned my child back here after leaving. *The teaching staff are very accommodating and cheerful. Our kids are happy and they always look forward to going to school. *

Our Staff

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Staffing 2023-24

Staff and Classes


Mrs S Grant


Deputy Headteacher
Mrs J Ramshaw


Assistant Headteacher
Mrs K Clarkson


Miss M McConnell


Family Worker

Mrs R Cunningham


Early Years Foundation Unit
Mrs C Allen (Nursery Teacher, Team Leader)
Mrs J Lynch (Reception Teacher)
Miss K Robson (Reception Teacher)
Miss J Trewick (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs J Burnip (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs M Lau (Teaching Assistant)


Key Stage 1
Miss S McDonald (Y2 Teacher and Team Leader)

Mrs N Watson (Y2 Teacher)
Miss J Milonas (Y1 Teacher)
Mrs H Stamp (Y1 Teacher)
Mrs A Collins (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs V Ormond (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs K Williamson (Teaching Assistant)


Key Stage 2
Mrs K Clarkson (Y6 Teacher and Assistant Headteacher)
Mrs S Ingleby (Y6 Teacher)

Mr C Brown (Y6 Teacher)

Mr S Adams (Y5 Teacher)
Mr A Reid (Y5 Teacher)

Mrs C Thompson (Y4 Teacher)

Mrs R Sheard (Y4 Teacher and Team Leader)

Miss M McConnell (Y3 Teacher and SENDCO)

Miss E Penn (Y3 Teacher)

Miss E Buckley (Y3 Teacher)

Mrs L Bell (Teaching Assistant and Learning Mentor)

Mrs R Cunningham (Teaching Assistant and Family Worker)

Miss D Cooper (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs R Rush (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs C Oswald (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs T Cramman (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs L Fairweather (Teaching Assistant)

Miss K Smith (Teaching Assistant)

Miss E Robson (Teaching Assistant)


Admin Manager
Ms C Wordsworth


Admin Assistants
Mrs J McVay
Mrs A Smith


Lunchtime Assistants
Mrs K Williamson
Mrs M Chirnside
Miss L Waterston

Miss A Mitchell

Mrs P Briggs


Mr A Leslie