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School Clubs

At Collingwood Primary School we regard voluntary activities as very important in a child’s education, for three reasons.

  1. These activities may lead to career opportunities or a lifetime’s enjoyable leisure activity
  2. Children become accustomed to learning voluntarily, and learn the discipline of attending every week: this is an essential life skill and good preparation for work
  3. It promotes a good attitude to lifelong learning


We ensure that every child, who has requested a club, is given at least one after-school opportunity and lunchtime clubs are also available. The clubs are all free for all pupils and include:

  • Cookery
  • Choir
  • Martial Arts
  • Art
  • Science 
  • Cricket 
  • Computing
  • Outdoor Games
  • Time Travellers 
  • Homework


Our staff work hard to deliver exciting clubs to our children and our children respect the commitment made by the staff by attending regularly.  Most clubs have two members of staff involved, and will not normally be cancelled.


For safety reasons children will not be able to start a club without a returned signed form.  Numbers may be limited: in that case places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.


    Clubs are updated every term and open to all children to apply.