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Family feedback: *All staff go out of their way to make sure my child is safe and happy. Excellent care. *I feel the school goes above and beyond to support my child. Thank you. *This school is very caring to the children, and always has a lovely atmosphere. Thank you! *Both of my children are very happy at this school and I am very happy with their progress. The school has good/effective communication with parents. *My child’s older siblings went to this school when they were younger and also loved it. The teachers are fantastic. *Always been a lovely school. All of family members, including myself, went here. *Have always been happy with Collingwood staff and their teaching with all of my children. *Brilliant school – I even returned my child back here after leaving. *The teaching staff are very accommodating and cheerful. Our kids are happy and they always look forward to going to school. *

Transition Support

At Collingwood, we offer practical support for parents and carers with applications for our Nursery and Reception classes and with applications to High Schools. Please visit this website for further details of how to apply or contact school for advice.


Our pupils leave Collingwood ready to enjoy their education in year 7 and beyond. We support children with all visits and transition events at all local high schools and we often arrange extra transition support for children who may be anxious or may have special educational needs. Our children attend a range of high schools which include:

Norham High School -

John Spence High School -

Marden High School -

St Thomas More High School -

Kings Priory High School -


We also offer practical support with in-year applications and welcome children throughout the year if they have moved into the local area for example. Please visit this website for further details or contact school for advice.