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Religious Education

At Collingwood Primary School, our RE provision aims to allow children to explore their own beliefs through learning about different religions, beliefs, values and traditions. Children are given the chance to develop respect and sensitivity towards others, promoting acceptance of different faiths. At Collingwood, we aim to combat prejudice and disrespect to others, ensuring our children can live alongside others in our multicultural Britain today.

RE Intent

RE Coverage

The school is not affiliated to any religious denomination, but throughout the school there is assemblies which begin with an act of worship.  In addition, Religious Education takes place in the classroom regularly. North Tyneside have created a RE syllabus which Collingwood Primary School follows and this ensures that we follow the guidelines agreed as an authority. We also have a clear curriculum overview of the RE curriculum by year group for you to read. Any parent wishing to exercise the right to withdraw a child from assembly or R.E. should contact the Headteacher. Our Collective Worship Overview links in with our PSHEe&C units of work.