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Family feedback: *All staff go out of their way to make sure my child is safe and happy. Excellent care. *I feel the school goes above and beyond to support my child. Thank you. *This school is very caring to the children, and always has a lovely atmosphere. Thank you! *Both of my children are very happy at this school and I am very happy with their progress. The school has good/effective communication with parents. *My child’s older siblings went to this school when they were younger and also loved it. The teachers are fantastic. *Always been a lovely school. All of family members, including myself, went here. *Have always been happy with Collingwood staff and their teaching with all of my children. *Brilliant school – I even returned my child back here after leaving. *The teaching staff are very accommodating and cheerful. Our kids are happy and they always look forward to going to school. *

Physical Education & PE Funding

At Collingwood Primary School, we aim to ensure all children enjoy and are engaged in Physical Education and Sport by providing them all with positive experiences. We will provide a high quality P.E curriculum, where children will learn to remain physically active, in a way that instils excellent sporting attitudes such as fairness and respect. Through Physical Education we aim to develop the children’s knowledge, skills and understanding, so that they can perform with increasing confidence and competence in a range of activities. We aim to improve the health and well-being of the children and ensure that they understand the positive effects that a healthy lifestyle can have on their future.

PE Intent

P.E. is undertaken right throughout the school and is a most important activity leading towards good physical co-ordination and agile movement. To be excused PE for a longer time would require a note from a doctor.  Correct kit is essential: plimsolls, black shorts, yellow polo shirts (available with the logo at a cost of £7.50 from Emblematic). It is an enjoyable subject and all children are to take part unless a note from parents is produced.  All jewellery must be removed and clothing named.  Children should not wear ear-rings until they are old enough to remove them themselves.  In line with health and safety guidelines only small studs must be worn at school.  Older children will take part in organised games, athletics and swimming.  Currently we have school teams in football, netball, cross county, rounders, cricket, and athletics. We also offer a range of sports related clubs to all children across the year such as football, multi-sports, dance, gymnastics, cricket, badminton, martial arts and more. 

Please look at our PE Overview and Progression of Skills document. These inform you of the different PE units our staff, including our coaches, deliver across the school year and detail the objectives and skills taught to our children. 




Careers in Physical Education and Sport

At Collingwood, we see it as essential that we provide opportunities for pupils to become physically confident where they can understand the importance of leading healthy and active lifestyles. We celebrate their sporting achievements in class and whole school celebration assemblies and ensure that they understand that with hard work and perseverance they can achieve their goals. Many of our children have aspirations to enter a career linked to Physical Education and Sport and we therefore promote such career possibilities. We provide opportunities for the children to work with professional athletes and coaches, and learn about how they have entered a career in sport and the benefits of doing so. Through various experiences, our children have expressed an interest in pursuing careers in various vocations linked to Physical Education and Sport, such as: professional athletes, coaching, fitness trainers, physiotherapists, lifeguards and swimming instructors to name but a few. Here at Collingwood, we aim to ensure that our children will see how physical education can lead to a career in sport and health.