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Maths Week - November 2022

Maths Week

We have celebrated Maths Week England by taking part in a friendly times tables (and division) competition. The competition ran from 07:30 Monday 14th November to 19:30 Wednesday 16th November. It was all completed online via


The pupils and teaching staff at Collingwood Primary School, North Shields are incredibly excited to announce that they came 222nd out of 3,578 schools in England Rocks - a times tables competition run by the internationally renowned, award-winning app and learning platform, Times Tables Rock Stars.


England Rocks required children to correctly answer as many multiplication and division questions as possible, to give their class and school the best chance of winning.

The competition was fierce with 170,954,025 questions answered collectively by 704,979 pupils from more than 3,923 schools and 82,483 classes around the country!


Our school stats were astonishing too. On average our top class answered 751 questions correctly per pupil, with the best performing pupil answering an amazing 9,336 questions correctly in total.


Bruno Reddy, creator of TT Rock Stars said "The pupils excelled themselves throughout England Rocks. Not only did they engage in some friendly competition but there were also some clear improvements in their recall and speed as time went on. That's always been our goal - to make learning maths basics so fun that pupils give it their all."


The three children who came top in the school were:

1st - Oscar

2nd - Hershey

3rd - Aiden


Top 3 classes:

1st - 5SA (221st!!!! out of 28,254 classes taking part in the country)

2nd - 4RS

3rd - 4CB


A HUGE well done to all children who took part!