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Collingwood Primary School, North Shields - Welcome to Our New School Website!

Support for parents and families

At Collingwood, we have a school nurse who visits every Tuesday afternoon to offer support for children, parents and carers. We also work with Debra, who is part of the Family Gateway team and she is always ready to help you and your child with a range of issues. 


                   Hello, I’m Nurse Jane.                           

I’ve been a Children’s Nurse for thirty years. For the first twenty, I looked after children in the RVI with all sorts of conditions and illnesses. Everything from a bumped head to cancer. For the last ten years I’ve been working in schools. School Nursing is different from hospitals because most of the children I meet now are very healthy and well. But everyone has things that they struggle with from time to time. Because of that, I’ve specialised in supporting parents and children. As well as being a Specialist Nurse I’m a Sleep Practitioner, A Mental Health First Aider and a Solihull Parenting Practitioner.



I’ve trained and developed my skills so I can help with things like:

*Managing an angry child at home and at school.                                      * Picky eaters and over eaters

*Children who may have mental health problems.                                     * Children who don’t sleep or sleep too much 

*Children who have experienced or need to prepare for bereavement.    * Children who need to build confidence

*Managing children who are challenging or defiant at home.                    *Children who struggle when their parents separate.

*Supporting parents with strategies to cope and stay calm                     *Children who may have sensory issues.

*Children who self harm or hurt themselves intentionally.                       *Children who have speech problems.

*Constipation, Soiling, daytime wetting, bedwetting                                *Children who are anxious, sad or worried. 

*Testing children’s eyesight and hearing and referring  them                 *Children who may have Autism or Attention Deficit

*Measuring children’s height and weight and monitoring them. 

*Talking to GP’s and Hospitals on parent’s behalf to find the right services for their child

If you want to make an appointment to speak to me about your child then please speak to the school staff and they’ll book you in to see me or for a telephone call.


Hello, my name is Debra!

I have a lively and outgoing personality, with an innate understanding of other people’s needs, frustrations, and wants. I have over 22 years of experience working and caring for children and their families in nurseries, SEN, Mainstream, Forest school, and a whole array of different settings. Which brings me to present; I am a family entrepreneur for Family Gateway, an award-winning North East Charity based in Howdon. At Family Gateway our aim is to be at the forefront of improving life chances for Children and their families by providing bespoke support and guidance.

My role within Collingwood Primary School:

As well as supporting families in their homes, giving support, helping with boundaries and routines with children, sign posting, and generally being a life line on the other end of the phone. I work within school on Thursdays, where I spend my time in one to one sessions with children doing a variety of fun activities where it allows the children to have some time out, this is their time, and primarily child led. They can use this time how they wish, if it’s just for fun; colouring, painting, playing games; quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of class; or to chat, either just generally or more in depth.

My main aim with children is to achieve and maintain health and well-being.

Family Gateway

The facts and figures of our social impact at a quick glance;

   * 1200 children are supported by us every year

    * 98% of parents and 95% of children report improvements in their lives

    * 95% of children supported have improved attendance and/or achievement

    * 100% of families engage with us.

Why is this you may wonder? I believe the key to Family Gateway’s success, is that we employ local parents who have experienced the same, or similar issues as you may be experiencing now. We have an understanding and we can support you and your family to acknowledge, accept, and address any underlying issues you may be experiencing. If you would like to find out more, feel free to check out our website or come and have a cuppa and cake with us at our Howdelicious café based in the Howdon Community Hub, Denbigh Avenue NE28 0PP


Happy Child app:

There is one app at the moment which I find fascinating and well worth a look for any parent, it is called “The Happy Child”

Within the app you will be shown short videos and will be asked a few short questions here and there. The main areas that are covered are; the happiness chemicals, the importance of labelling emotions, naming emotions, building deep bonds, the emotional sandbags, communication mistakes, and so much more. This app is great as you can choose how long you want to spend on it daily, 5 minutes or 20, you choose and it doesn’t take long to get through the app, and the best thing is you can go back and refer to at a later date.

Promoting good sleep patterns

Helping Children through Grief

Keeping children safe online

This document outlines how we can provide support for your child and your family and will signpost you to outside agencies who can help.