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Support for parents and families

Helping Children through Grief

At Collingwood, we have a school nurse who visits every Tuesday afternoon to offer support for children, parents and carers. Please contact school if you would like an appointment. 


                   Hello, I’m Nurse Jane.                                

I’ve been a Children’s Nurse for thirty years. For the first twenty, I looked after children in the RVI with all sorts of conditions and illnesses. Everything from a bumped head to cancer. For the last ten years I’ve been working in schools. School Nursing is different from hospitals because most of the children I meet now are very healthy and well. But everyone has things that they struggle with from time to time. Because of that, I’ve specialised in supporting parents and children. As well as being a Specialist Nurse I’m a Sleep Practitioner, A Mental Health First Aider and a Solihull Parenting Practitioner.

I’ve trained and developed my skills so I can help with things like:

*Managing an angry child at home and at school. *Children who are anxious, sad or worried.

*Children who have experienced or need to prepare for bereavement.

*Children who need to build confidence

*Managing children who are challenging or defiant at home.

*Supporting parents with strategies to cope and stay calm

*Children who don’t sleep or sleep too much in the wrong place.   

  *Picky eaters and over eaters

*Children who self harm or hurt themselves intentionally.

*Constipation, Soiling, daytime wetting, bedwetting

*Children who struggle when their parents separate.

 *Children who may have Autism or Attention Deficits

*Children who may have sensory issues.

*Children who have speech problems.

*Children who may have mental health problems.

 *Testing children’s eyesight and hearing and referring them for support

*Measuring children’s height and weight and monitoring them. 

*Talking to GP’s and Hospitals on parent’s behalf to find the right services for their child

If you want to make an appointment to speak to me about your child then please speak to the school staff and they’ll book you in to see me or for a telephone call.


Promoting good sleep patterns